Source code for akro.image

"""A Space representing an RGB Image."""
import numpy as np

from import Box

[docs]class Image(Box): """An Image, represented by a Box of at most three dimensions. This class allows us to type check the observation input and decide whether to normalize. Each dimension must have pixel values between [0, 255]. Args: shape(tuple): Shape of the observation. The shape cannot have more than 3 dimensions. """ def __init__(self, shape): assert len(shape) <= 3, 'Images must have at most three dimensions' super(Box, self).__init__(low=0, high=255, shape=shape, dtype=np.uint8)
[docs] def concat(self, other): """Concatenate with another Image space. Args: other (Image): A space to be concatenated with this space. Returns: Image: A concatenated space. """ assert isinstance(other, Image) return super().concat(other)